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Real Customer Service? At a Door Shop? ...Yup.

Most door shops just want you to pick something and move on. After you order they disappear and almost never help with any challenges you have. It's time to try a company that really cares. Give Pacific Doorcraft a chance and you'll be telling everyone what an amazing experience you had before, during, and after you placed an order with us.

We will get back to you FAST!

We offer a full range of custom door solutions that are tailored to your style, goals, and budget.

We believe it's never been more important to have a home that you can feel proud of - whether you're a first time home owner, a family, or just looking for something a little different. A new front entry or set of interior doors can immediately change the look and feel of your home and make it feel like...well, home.


Even after the doors were delivered, Ivan remained impressively responsive and helpful with additional requests.


Marilyn T.

Whole Home Customer

Would you prefer we reach you later to talk details?

Send us your email and we will contact you in a few hours.

We will get back to you FAST!

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